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Fix Your Concrete by Getting Polyjacking Near Gibsonburg, OH

Erosion and the elements can eventually lead to your concrete sinking below where it should be. When that happens, you can get concrete lifting services to help restore it. At Elite Spray Foam Insulators, we’re experienced with a type of concrete jacking known as polyjacking. Using polyurethane foam, we can provide residents of Gibsonburg, OH with amazing concrete leveling services that will have their concrete functional again in no time. Call today in order to learn more!

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What is Concrete Jacking?

Concrete jacking involves raising damaged concrete in order to restore it and make it level with the surrounding area. Polyjacking is a type of concrete jacking that has become incredibly popular in recent years. In order to do this, there are a couple of steps that need to be completed:

  1. Small holes (the size of a dime) are drilled into the existing concrete.
  2. A pump is run from a truck to the concrete and the nozzle is inserted into the hole.
  3. Polyurethane foam is pumped into the holes.
  4. The foam slowly rises over the next 10-15 seconds, expanding to fill any cracks or voids.
  5. Once the foam lifts the concrete, professionals will check to make sure that everything is in good condition.
  6. The holes are covered with more concrete that’s finished to look the same as the original concrete.

Polyjacking is incredibly effective. The foam used is very durable, which means you won’t have to worry about dealing with problems a couple of years into the future. And, unlike mudjacking (another form of concrete jacking), it uses fewer, smaller holes to complete the task. It’s the perfect way to help restore old, damaged concrete to its former glory.

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What are the Benefits of Concrete Lifting?

When their concrete is damaged, many individuals believe it’d be better to simply replace the concrete, rather than fix it. This, however, is unnecessary. There are plenty of benefits to getting concrete lifting instead, including:

  • Cost Effective: Replacing existing concrete can be incredibly expensive. You’ll have to spend tons of money just to get new concrete installed for a small space. Concrete lifting, in contrast, is relatively cheap, and still allows you to lift the concrete back to the correct level.
  • Less Wait Time: If you replace the concrete, then you’ll likely have to wait for a long time for the replacement process to finish. In contrast, concrete leveling can be done within an hour or so. Polyjacking especially involves less wait time; the foam solidifies relatively quickly, and you can start walking on the concrete as soon as it does so.
  • Fixes Many Issues: While extreme damage can’t be fixed with this method, smaller issues can. By getting concrete lifting services, you can address many of the issues without the hassle.

By working with the experts, you can rest assured that your concrete will be in excellent condition again in no time.

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Allow the Experts to Handle Your Concrete Leveling Today

Trust the experts at Reliable Spray Foam Insulators to help with your concrete lifting! We provide polyjacking services to anyone in the following areas:

  • Maumee, OH
  • Bowling Green, OH
  • North Baltimore, OH
  • Fostoria, OH
  • Gibsonburg, OH
  • Oak Harbor, OH
  • Fremont, OH
  • Port Clinton, OH
  • Clyde, OH
  • Bellevue, OH
  • Milan, OH
  • Sandusky, OH
  • Huron, OH
  • Norwalk, OH

With years of experience behind us, we’re confident we can give you the polyjacking services you deserve. So, don’t spend unnecessary time and money trying to replace sinking concrete. Allow the experts to provide you with the help you need today!

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